Why miha bodytec?

A tight body, flat stomach, beautiful posture, superior strength, enhanced vitality and toned muscles. So far it has only been possible with years of hard & persistent training. However, now you can achieve it with miha bodytec’s ems technology & in a very short time.

Get tangible and visible results in weight loss & muscle tone in just 20 minutes, once per week.

  • Effective muscle-building: new body-fitting electrodes will achieve extra intensity, hitting the right spot.
  • Spares ligaments and joints: purely muscle work; full protection of joints and tendons with zero strain.
  • Extremely short workout time: it stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously.
  • Fat loss/fat tissue reduction: muscle mass is increased after which our body burns more calories at rest.
  • Reduces cellulite: improves the blood supply of connective tissues to make skin look smoother.
  • Lower back pain treatment: boosts the deepest muscles needed to keep the spine upright and eases lumbar pain.
  • Pelvic floor toning: responsible for urine retention, rehabilitation after giving birth.
  • Performance enhancing for professional athletes: increasing potential in the areas of strength, speed, dynamics etc.
  • Provides not a symptomatic treatment, but it achieves results through metabolic stimulation and establishing the optimal fat-muscle ratio
  • Provides metabolic stimulation: achieves results by establishing the optimal fat / muscle ratio.
  • Safe and secure: various clinical studies testify great results and safe operation.

How does it work?


miha bodytec training applies the latest generation of EMS devices. Low frequency electrical impulses are used to stimulate the muscles. 90% of the skeletal muscles are activated without putting pressure on the joints and tendons. This makes it an efficient and safe training method. Since all the muscle groups are stimulated simultaneously, the deep tissue muscles as well as the surface muscles, a 20-minute long EMS training session can produce the same effects as 2 hours of intensive muscular activity.