Making Better Use of Little Time

Fitness and physical activity are luxuries that those with busy lives and demanding careers struggle to fit in. 

12+ hour working days, coupled with responsibilities at home mean that there is little time available for the gym or sports club. 

This is where Toned in Twenty comes into its own.  A weekly session with our Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system will give you all of the benefits of a two hour gym workout in just twenty minutes.  What’s more, our low impact fitness programme can be delivered in the comfort and discretion of your own home or office – before work, at the end of the day, or even in your lunch break!

During your session, you’ll wear a comfortable EMS jacket whilst doing a very low impact workout consisting of simple exercises like bicep curls and lunges with one of our experienced (and friendly) personal trainers.  As you do this workout, painless electrical impulses stimulate 90% of skeletal muscle fibre simultaneously without putting pressure on the joints and tendons.  Where a standard workout may only activate your surface muscles, an EMS training session will stimulate the deep tissue muscles too. It’s very small footprint means you will only need an area just big enough to lunge in.

The low impact programme is ideal for all levels of fitness, and is designed to fit around busy lives.

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