Time to change

Hello again, it’s 20th May and oops I’ve missed a week.
Maintained 3 runs per week and 1 bodytec session. Beginning to really notice my arms and legs are firming up. After my session Sunday (during which James increased the levels) I was still aching on Thursday!!
It’s 20 days since my last tipple and I’m feeling much happier generally (the kids have even noticed!), my brain feels clearer than it has for years and I’m sleeping more soundly too. That means there are 11 days left of being t-total – I honestly thought I’d be counting down the days but I’m really not.
I actually think I could carry on with this lifestyle indefinitely, it feels good.
Only 3 more weeks until the next pics are taken which is a great motivation particularly as I haven’t weighed or measured at any point.
More next week!!!


Well, I’ve been very focused this week and surprised myself. It hasn’t been as grueling as I had expected. The miha bodytec session didn’t feel like hard work; I felt the pulses making my muscles work but it wasn’t at all uncomfortable. The next 2-3 days I felt stiff as if I’d done a boot camp or gym session.

No cakes,¬†biscuits, alcohol etc. have passed my lips and I’ve even ¬†managed a few runs. Although I’m not expecting any spectacular results just yet I already feel more energetic and alive. Off to take part in the Gung Ho inflatable assault course tomorrow…. feeling just a little more confident.


Hi, I’m a 41 year old married mother of 3 teens and a full time nurse.

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise and a love/love relationship with cheese, wine and afternoon naps!!!

My metabolism has always been fairly kind so I get away with more than I should. However the areas of fat I do carry don’t look very nice and I would prefer to be more toned, particularly upper arms, legs, tummy and hips. I just want to be more comfortable in and out of my clothes.

Working full time whilst running the family home can be demanding on my time so exercise tends to sit uncomfortably at the bottom of my priority list.

I have decided that has to change so I’m laying down some ground rules.


Here is my plan for the next 12 weeks:

– 4 weeks without alcohol then 3-4 units per week after that
– No cakes, biscuits, crisps or sweets
– Weekly 20 minute sessions using the Miha Bodytec
– 2 short runs and 1 longer run each week (5km)
– Plenty of water
W- Increase fruit and veg intake

My daughter has kindly taken some headless ‘before’ pictures to see if there will be much difference over the 12 weeks. More photos will be posted halfway in week 6.

I’ll post again next week to let you know if I’ve stuck to my rules!