If you’re recovering from injury, or would like to offer your clients a rehabilitation programme that’s gentle on joints whilst rapidly building strength, Toned in Twenty is for you.

EMS works the deep muscle layers which are hard to activate through conventional training, helping to rapidly build strength and improve recovery without any associated strain to muscles or joints.

Incorporated into the training and rehabilitation programmes of Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, Paris St Germain, Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC, EMS brings sport racing into the 21st Century.

During your twenty minute session, you or your client will wear a comfortable EMS jacket whilst doing a very low impact workout consisting of simple exercises like bicep curls and lunges with one of our experienced, qualified personal trainers.  As you do this workout, painless electrical impulses will stimulate 90% of the skeletal agonist and antagonist muscle fibres simultaneously without putting pressure on the joints and tendons.  Where a standard workout may only activate your surface muscles, an EMS training session will stimulate the deep tissue muscles too, without any risk of injury.

Completely painless and offering fast and tangible results, the intensity can be tailored to suit individual needs and levels of fitness and offers all the rehabilitative benefits of a longer workout in just 20 minutes.

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