Frequently asked questions

What is electric muscle stimulation?

Electro-myo-stimulation = electric muscle stimulation

The essence of EMS is that instead of weights, an electric current is used to contract the muscles, which directly stimulates the muscles. In EMS, the strength of an electric current is measured in microamps. This type of training is able to achieve strong and intense muscle-contractions that are impossible via conventional endurance training.

What is a training session like?

At the beginning of the session we fasten electrodes across the bigger muscle groups of the participants. These electrodes help to induce stronger and more intense muscle contractions. The training itself lasts for only 20 minutes. During this time 4-second-long electric impulses stimulate the muscles, followed by resting periods of the same length. During the active training period the participants will perform a set of diverse, customised dynamic exercises, which will boost the efficiency of the workout. On the EMS device every single electrode can be individually controlled, ensuring every single muscle group will be specifically targeted and will receive a customized workout. At the start of the session the device will be set to a basic intensity rate, which will be adjusted later on by the personal trainer according to the exercises. The intensity of the training will vary according to the individual. The conductivity of the user’s body depends on build and body mass, what’s more, the physical and mental state of the client on that particular day is also relevant.

What do I need in preparation before EMS training?

To get the most out of your EMS-training, it is advised that you eat a slowly absorbable carbohydrate-and protein rich meal 2-3 hours before the session, so your body is best-prepared for the intensive workout. Thirty to forty-five minutes before the session starts, at least half a litre of water is beneficial. Caffeine or alcohol should be avoided as they are diuretics. Fruit juices are not a good choice either.

What do I have to focus on during the training?

It is important to follow the personal trainer’s instructions and copy the exercises as closely as possible, as an inaccurately performed exercise may lead to joint problems or injury. Everyone reacts to the intensity of the electric impulses differently, therefore it is important for the user to identify and communicate to the trainer the most suitable impulse rate that will stimulate the muscles with the best efficiency.

How many times a week can I train?

The training lasts for 20 minutes. Only one, maximum two sessions per week are recommended (with minimum of 2 days gap). As the training is very intensive, it is important to allow enough time for the body to recuperate. The results of this training regime will depend on the intensity of the stimulation and the accompanying exercises. This type of training, however, is equally suitable for muscle building, weight loss or rehabilitation purposes. Following the workout, the rate of metabolism speeds up, and it will continue to work at an increased level for the next 2 days.

Can I lose weight with EMS?

During EMS-training the metabolic rate increases and remains high for several days even after the session has finished. The effect of EMS training is that the increased muscle activity will cause you to burn more calories and will increase the basal metabolic rate. If the recommended healthy diet is followed at the same time, weight loss will occur in a long-lasting, gradual manner.

Does it hurt?

No! The electric impulses are not concentrated in one specific point, but evenly distributed across the surface of the electric pads. There are no painful hotspots conveying sharp kicks.

Is it safe?

Yes! EMS uses low frequency current to stimulate the muscles. It is not only safe, but extremely efficient, as 90% of the muscles are involved in the workout.

Can the electric current harm my heart?

No! The low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles. Organs and the heart and other muscle tissue are not reached.

When can I see results?

If regular training is combined with healthy eating, results can already be seen after 5-6 sessions. It is important to note that training is only a part of the process to transform your body. Without the appropriate food the change will be much slower. It is advised to follow a protein-rich diet and to eat 4 smaller meals a day. Our professional nutritionists and qualified trainers will work with you to develop an easy-to-follow diet. This, combined with the training regime, will provide the shortest way to success.

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