Active Ageing

Getting older does not need to mean giving up the activities that you enjoy. 

In fact, maintaining a steady level of regular, low impact exercise will improve your physical and mental health, and keep you strong, supple and agile for many years to come.

Toned in Twenty offers the ideal solution for individuals who want to maintain an active lifestyle into retirement, helping you feel younger for longer.

During your twenty minute session, you’ll wear a comfortable EMS jacket whilst doing a very low impact workout consisting of simple exercises like bicep curls and lunges with one of our experienced (and friendly) personal trainers.  As you do this workout, painless electrical impulses stimulate 90% of the skeletal muscles simultaneously without putting pressure on the joints and tendons.  Where a standard workout may only activate your surface muscles, an EMS training session will stimulate the deep tissue muscles too.

This in turn gives you a gentle workout, without any associated strain to your joints and muscles.

What’s more, EMS has been proven to provide pain relief from a variety of ailments, including back, hip and knee pain, and has been used for many years as a rehabilitation technique.

You don’t even have to worry about travelling to an intimidating club or gym.  Your training will be delivered in the comfort of your own home – all we need is enough space to squat!

For more information, contact us today on 07760 135 240.